Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends

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Details like which kitchen cabinet hardware you choose can make or break the design. The knobs and handles on cabinet doors have much more impact than their size would indicate. Beyond that, they play a vital practical role in the kitchen.

If you’re investing in custom cabinet installation, read on to find out more about the latest trends in cabinet hardware.


More and more homeowners are choosing nature-inspired colors for their kitchen’s design—and cabinet hardware is no exception. Choose neutral colors and materials like wood for cabinet hardware, or select other materials that will fit perfectly with your eco-style kitchen. Either way, these styles can blend into a cohesive look with the rest of your home.

High tech

Here’s a kitchen cabinet hardware style that incorporates clean, geometric lines and bright lighting to highlight decorative elements. Kitchen cabinetry can integrate aspects like neutral colors, smooth textures and delicate hardware. This choice is best for hypermodern-styled homes.


Reducing any kind of ornate hardware is one way to go in 2022. Some homeowners are choosing no cabinet hardware at all, with the absence of this traditional feature making a statement itself. You can also go with simple elements that’s don’t draw attention to themselves. These choices are ideal particularly if you’re looking to complete a contemporary look.

Mix and match

One of the leading choices you’ll consider for your new cabinets is knobs or pulls. But why not do both? This creates an eclectic, unique look that will draw attention to the hardware itself. You can even blend together modern and traditional hardware to create visual interest. With the guidance of a professional designer, you can fashion a kitchen that’s all your own.

Stick with the classics

Or you could do the opposite of mixing and matching. If you’re someone who believes that classic styles are timeless, then stick to your guns. Whether you bring in bars, pulls or knobs, you can create a traditional look that will still be impressive. Consider choosing neutral colors that will allow the cabinets and other design features to shine.


Are you looking for a more elegant style that will bring a point of interest to the room? Brass hardware emphasizes the sharp lines of kitchen cabinetry while adding a note of softness. Installing brass hardware is among the year’s leading trends.


Perhaps you have a contemporary kitchen and want to create some contrast, or maybe you want your conservative kitchen to be complete with vintage knobs or bars. Here again, brass is an excellent choice. You can also go quirky with hardware that evokes a specific time period.

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