Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends in 2022

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Are you considering renovating your kitchen? It is one of the leading areas of the home to remodel if you want a high return on investment. Cabinets are an ideal candidate for remodeling, as they tend to be a feature people will notice immediately.

Here are our leading kitchen cabinet color trends for 2022.

Black and white

This is a classic choice that’s coming back this year. Black and white works in a range of styles, whether it’s farmhouse or contemporary. If you like a white kitchen but want to spice it up a bit, this is a good choice. The look is a timeless one you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Wood cabinets

In 2022, wood cabinets are trending strong and will make your kitchen feel warm and cozy. If you’re looking for particular types of wood, grained walnut or white oak can be mixed with white.


Certain shades of blue can remain neutral while creating a classic, almost natural look. Find the exact right shade of blue to complement your home’s sense of style. From navy blue to periwinkle, blue is easy on the eyes and works with a wide range of kitchen designs.

Between gray and beige

Griege—a shade between gray and beige—will give your home more of a light and airy feel. Your kitchen will also be up to date and on trend with this neutral yet distinctive shade.

Warm white

All-white kitchens have long been the rage, and you can go into any cabinet store in the country and find dozens of shades of white. That said, what’s on trend for kitchens right now is warmer, earthier tones that will give the room a cozy vibe. Taupe or white cabinets will be ideal for those who love their existing white kitchens—and you can rest assured that white cabinets will be great for resale value.


Almost every variation of green has become increasingly popular, from darker shades like hunter green to lighter shades such as seafoam green. Some of these greens have more of a vintage look, whereas others will appeal to those with more modern sensibilities.

Charcoal gray

More muted shades of gray are showing up, like olive-greenish gray, slate gray and dark blue/gray. Among kitchen cabinet color trends, all sorts of earthy, warm tones are taking off, so this one is no surprise.


While this could be considered a bold choice, red is increasingly on trend for 2022. It’s a color that demands attention and can work well, especially with a kitchen that has otherwise neutral colors. You may also see red being used more on kitchen islands as a pop of color.

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