5 Ways To Help Protect Your Countertops During the Holidays

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The holidays are a joyous time of year and time for gatherings and celebrations. It is also a time when we also might want to think about being careful about protecting and preventing countertop damage during holidays. Unfortunately, the risk of holiday countertop damage is just part of the festivities and fun.

While we can’t eliminate the risk itself, like our aunts, uncles, nephews, friends, coworkers, and other holiday guests, we can mitigate the potential harm to our countertops. Here are five tips to help prevent holiday countertop damage.

Be Prompt with Clean-Ups

It is an inevitable fact; at some point (and realistically, more than a few times), there will be a spill. It could be a tipped drink of egg nog, "spiced" egg nog, or splashed coffee, or any one of a countless number of drinks that could meet your countertops during the holidays. 

The key to preventing damage when those spills occur is prompt action. So, don’t wait to wipe up that cola beverage, alcoholic drink, or even glass of water to prevent any damage to your countertops.

Cup Holders Help

Using cup holders is the easiest way to prevent rings. From hot drinks to drinks that sweat, using cup holders help prevent those unsightly circles and keep your countertops looking clean and polished throughout the holiday.

Pot Holders for What’s Hot

Hot pans, plates, and items like ceramic cookware can create permanent and unattractive warping and scars. Making use of kitchen towels and pot holders to put beneath these types of hot containers will not only protect your countertops but your holiday company too.

Yes, Cutting Boards

One of the greatest enemies of any table, countertop, or surface is anything with a sharp edge, like knives. From butter knives to steak knives, having cutting boards will prevent your company from scarring, marring, or cutting into your countertops.

Tablecloths Are Still in Style

One of the oldest and most common traditions is also a great way to help protect your countertops. Using tablecloths is not only a great decorative feature, but it also adds an additional layer of protection to your countertops.

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