Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2022

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Are you looking to remodel your kitchen this year? This is a smart decision, as renovating a kitchen can provide utility now and then pay off with increased resale value when you decide to sell your home. Countertops are the most commonly improved feature in kitchen renovations, with nine out of 10 homeowners choosing to upgrade them.

Read on to find out about this year’s kitchen countertop trends.


Engineered quartz is the leading material for upgrading kitchen countertops. More than 40 percent of homeowners choose quartz when updating their countertops. This manufactured product comes in a wide range of colors compared to natural stones like granite and marble. The appearance of finished quartz is rich and luxurious with depth that can’t be recreated with solid surface materials.

Quartz also has high durability like concrete and granite. This material won’t chip or crack easily. It’s nonporous and resists stains, whether it’s coffee, wine, oil or other sources of stains. Quartz can be expensive and is best suited for contemporary homes.


While granite isn’t as popular as it used to be, still about one quarter of all homeowners choose it when renovating their kitchens. Granite is known for being durable, resisting chipping and scratching in normal conditions—that’s because it’s the second-hardest material around, just behind diamonds.

Granite is surprisingly affordable, especially if you choose granite tiles. It’s also resistant to heat, stains and moisture. It does require a sealant once a year to maintain its resistance.

Unifying countertops and backsplashes

If you’re considering custom countertops for your kitchen, you likely want to upgrade other parts of this core room as well. Creating a seamless backsplash and countertop is becoming popular. Using the same material for both creates a clean, cohesive look. A backsplash that contrasts with the countertop is no longer as popular as it once was.

Add an island

If you’re having the countertops done, you may want to expand your kitchen’s workspace and storage space by adding an island. This year, homeowners are choosing bigger kitchen islands than in the past. Almost 40 percent of islands now measure more than 7 feet long. Adding a larger island will create the need for more lighting, and more than nine out of 10 homeowners choose to add lighting to their new kitchen island.

Focus on the functional

One of the leading kitchen countertop trends isn’t about style—it’s about details that affect functionality. Homeowners are more involved in the design process and want to know exactly where they’re going to plug in their food processor or coffee maker. They’re also trying to visualize what they’ll need when cooking and fitting the kitchen remodel to that vision.

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