What’s On Trend for Kitchen Cabinet Hardware in 2022?

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Swapping out kitchen cabinet hardware is a simple way to spruce up your kitchen’s appearance. Updating the kitchen cabinet hardware won’t take much time, and it’s relatively inexpensive compared to remodeling.

Read on to discover the leading trends for custom cabinet hardware in 2022.

Finding the right finish

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to consider exactly which finish you’re choosing. You want something that will match or complement the kitchen’s existing style—or if it contrasts, you want to make that decision deliberately. Here are some ideas:

  • Matte black: This year, matte black is expected to be popular. It’s a sleek and modern look that adds contract to those all-white kitchens that have dominated the market in recent years. If you have chrome hardware that you aren’t loving, consider switching it out for matte black to stay updated.
  • Gold: In recent years, gold has made a comeback. The current look is an updated version of the ‘80s brass color but less shiny and saturated. Gold can fit alongside any style decor, from modern to farmhouse.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze: This is a choice that’s been around for a while and fits the farmhouse style. From doorknobs to hinges to pulls, oil-rubbed bronze is a solid choice. It has a dark color with some rubbed spots along the edges, creating a lived-in look, yet it still manages to be modern and sophisticated.
  • Chrome: This is a classic, shiny silver look. While it appears sophisticated, it is prone to drawing fingerprint smudges and water stains.

Knobs and pulls

If you’re looking to stay on trend with either small updates or custom cabinet installation, then you may want a combination of knobs and pulls. Consider knobs for the cabinets and horizontal pulls on the drawers. Another possibility is knobs on the drawers and vertical pulls on the cabinets. Either way, a mix of knobs and pulls will give your kitchen the designer look you want.

On the other hand, some homeowners are going with all pulls, foregoing the conventional wisdom that knobs are better on cabinets. Oversized pulls are making more appearances as well these days. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice based on what you think is best for you.


While these aren’t the most practical choice for your kitchen, latches do achieve a beautiful look. The style is akin to European farmhouses and could be a good choice for cabinets that mostly store decorative items. Latches tend to be best in antique brass or polished nickel. Chrome latches have an interesting Old World-New World mix that makes a statement.

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