The Most Popular Design Styles for Kitchen Cabinets in Midland, MI

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The style of cabinetry you choose will have a big influence on how you design the rest of your kitchen. No matter what kind of tastes you have, there are certainly cabinet styles that fit your preferences. But which is ideal for you?

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular design styles for kitchen cabinets in Midland, MI:

  • Traditional: Traditional cabinets tend to have a little more detail than other styles, including raised-panel doors and bead-board designs. The colors can vary from wood hues to clean whites and creams, as well as some tans and reds. They commonly have inset recessed doors, where the frame and doors are flush with each other.
  • Rustic: Rustic cabinet styles often look like something you’d find in an up-north cabin or in a country home. They feature large cabinets, warm colors, lots of wood and interesting wood grains and other elements, such as imperfections and knots. They often forgo stain finishes, instead being left matte or rugged for a more natural feel. Hardware tends to be wrought iron or rubbed brass.
  • Contemporary: Most contemporary cabinets have flat surfaces, very minimal design elements (little ornamentation) and relatively simple and clean hardware. This is an ideal choice for small kitchens, as it maximizes storage space and its simple design elements do not make the room feel too crowded. Materials commonly include metal, manufactured wood, plastic and glass.
  • Country/farmhouse: Farmhouse kitchens have been exploding in popularity in recent years, mostly due to how frequently they’re featured on home remodeling shows. They have a cozy vibe, with raised-panel, bead-board and other decorative cabinet styles. These cabinets are typically made out of wood, and are often painted in colors like white, cream, butter, mint green or pale blue. In some cases, distressing techniques may be used over the paint. There is also frequent use of other elements, like farmhouse sinks.
  • Craftsman: The craftsman style was a direct response to overly decorative furniture common in the late 1800s, and instead features simple, straight lines with minimal ornamentation, but extremely high-quality construction. Craftsman cabinets are typically made out of solid, heavy woods such as hickory, maple, cherry and quarter-sawn oak, and are usually unpainted.
  • Glass front: Glass-front cabinets are often mixed in with solid cabinet doors, and typically are used as upper cabinets. They allow homeowners to showcase their glassware, cookbooks, vases and bowls, and often feature some lighting for extra ambience.
  • Shaker: Shaker cabinets typically feature simple, clean and functional designs, often showcasing flat-paneled doors that have rail frames, natural finishes and neutral paints (usually white or gray). They are particularly popular in today’s kitchens because they are timeless and can fit in a traditional or contemporary aesthetic.

These are just a few of the most common categories of designs for kitchen cabinets in Midland, MI. For more information about how you can choose the right style for your home and your preferred aesthetic, contact the experts at Nowak Cabinets of Midland today.

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