2021 Kitchen Trends

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The past year has seen a huge surge in kitchen renovations. With so many people stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s never been a better time to pick up any projects you’ve been putting off and improve your home when you can enjoy it more than ever. If you live in the Midland, MI area and are interested in renovating your kitchen, here are some 2021 kitchen design trends to consider

Kitchens with curves

You may have noticed this trend in furniture, but it’s also a kitchen design trend for 2021. Square edges on kitchen islands and counters are classic, but opting for swooping, curved edges offers a modern, updated look for your new kitchen. The luxuriously curved counters of 2021 are popularly made with marble or quartz.

Bold color choices

Paint color kitchen design trends in 2021 are about both hue and placement. Bright, vibrant cabinets and kitchen islands are a great way to add some personality to your space without feeling like you’re drowning in four walls of overpowering boldness. Likewise, kitchen ceilings are being used as unique accents in a lot of kitchens, with bright colors or even wallpaper or wood paneling. If bright colors aren’t your thing, you can also make the bold 2021 kitchen design trend choice of painting your cabinets black.

Trendy tiles

Tiles are a classic choice for kitchen flooring. In 2021, expect to see a lot of bold, wild accent patterns as well as more muted handmade terra cotta tiles. Terra cotta tiles are particularly popular for kitchen design trends in 2021. You might think terra cotta is just suited to planters and décor from the 1970s, but paired with soapstone counters and brass accents, terra cotta can have a fresh new look.

Lots of mix-and-match metals

2021 kitchen design trends offer eclectic looks, which includes fixtures and handles. If you’re working on a kitchen renovation, don’t feel like you need to choose one metal or finish for all of the details in your space. Opt for brass cabinet pulls to go with your matte white faucet or lighting fixtures. Mixing metals is good!

Seamlessly incorporated range hoods

Range hoods can be hard to style in kitchen design. What can feel like a functional piece of your kitchen that sticks out like a sore thumb is getting a little more attention in 2021. Instead of covering range hoods with massive facades or utilitarian sheets of stainless steel, range hoods are being more seamlessly incorporated into kitchen design. Rustic kitchens can see hoods covered in reclaimed wood, or modern designs might cover the hood with the same tiles as the wall.

Luxurious pantries

People are stuck at home cooking for themselves these days, so it makes sense that pantries would be seeing an upgrade. Instead of dark little dry goods closets, 2021 is seeing bright, roomy pantries with plenty of space and thoughtful design.

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