How to Plan a More Efficient Closet Design

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Improving closet organization can have a positive impact on your entire lifestyle. It makes day-to-day tasks easier, which can significantly improve many aspects of your routine. Of course, planning a walk-in closet in Midland, MI requires careful consideration and the use of appropriate systems. Use the following tips for an efficient custom closet to achieve the organized oasis you need and desire:

  • Use every inch: You might be tempted to avoid placing items on high shelves or rods because they are out of reach. However, you should use the full height of your closet so no space is wasted. Install storage systems that extend to the closet’s ceiling, which feature adjustable shelving and rods that you can change as needed.
  • Arrange by use: Choose items that you seldom use to place on top shelves. Use these areas as overflow storage to place items such as seasonal hats, purses and boots, or luggage and bags you only use when traveling.
  • Store in the corners: Corners of closets are often challenging to utilize. Still, this doesn’t have to be dead space. Try using the corners for long hanging items, such as dresses and robes.
  • Create a focal point: When planning a walk-in closet in Midland, MI, choose an item to create a focal point for the space. Built-in dressers or hutches are great to anchor the space and draw the eye as you enter the closet. Plus, these add convenient storage for folded items, jewelry and other accessories.
  • Sort your drawers: For dressers and built-in drawers, use drawer organizers to keep things neat and accessible. Dividers and sorters are perfect to ensure jewelry does not become a tangled mess, and that you can find your blue scarf when you want it.
  • Keep it open: To create an open and airy feel when you enter your closet, place hanging rods and shelving near the door. Use the space above hanging rods to store folded clothing or items that can be neatly arranged. You don’t want precarious towers that turn into avalanches when you open the door.
  • Hide the laundry: Hampers and laundry baskets can help contain the dirty clothes, but a hidden hamper is even better. Consider the addition of a tilt-out hamper placed beneath a drawer to keep the dirty clothes out of sight until laundry day.
  • Rearrange by season: Keep the items you use the most at the front of the closet, in the most accessible areas. Rearrange clothing as the seasons change, so the items you need to grab each morning are at your fingertips.

Get more tips for an efficient custom closet in Midland, MI

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