Trending Kitchen Colors in 2022

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The Pantone of the year for 2022 may be the bright and chirpy Very Peri, but it doesn’t mean you have to stick to this prescription for your kitchen too! If you’ve been planning on sprucing up and refreshing your kitchen space, you might also want to consider these other color options. 

2022 Theme

This year’s trending theme, at least as far as kitchen remodeling trends are concerned, is a natural or matte color. Now, there are plenty of ways you can play around with this, so as long as you work with the right remodeling contractors, you can be sure to enjoy a trendy kitchen space this year.

Here are the colors for your consideration:

Blue – Blue, as in the sky, but also probably a bit brighter and louder. “Pops of color” are all the rage in kitchen design. Having a bright blue cabinet accident–or even full room color if you dare enough–should do the trick perfectly. 

Green – This is another in-demand color for this year’s kitchen redesign endeavors. The great thing about green is that it has a wide range of shades that can go with a good variety of elements. 

You can use a warm, neutral shade to match wooden elements for that truly rustic and organic vibe. You can also go for a sharper, brighter shade, which would be perfect for accents and highlights. Or go for the deep green that goes well with a more industrial feel, especially with hardware in bronze or gold.

Red – Meanwhile, another rich color to look out for is red. It might come on too strong for some, but with the right shade application, it can successfully draw attention to key areas in the kitchen. You can use it to fully paint the pantry door, for example, or a lone cabinet door just to give it that “pop”. 

However, if you’re going to go for red, make sure that you’ll be combining softer colors with it so that the kitchen colors don’t come out too jarring to the eyes. Now close your eyes and try to picture a stunningly red kitchen island. That would be sweet, wouldn’t it?

Matte Gray – Now, it’s not just bursts of color that you should look forward to in kitchen designs this year. You can also add a touch of matte, or a full coverage, for that subdued look and feel. 

You can match that with some of that green to achieve a truly rustic ambiance. Or go for industrial hardware with the color scheme for an updated and modern look.

These are some of the trending ideas you can consider. If you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling, remodeling contractors are a great resource. Make sure to consult with your contractor first before deciding on–or buying–anything, so everything goes smoothly.

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