Get the Perfect Custom Closet Design in Midland, MI for Your Personal Style

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Toss your dirty clothes on the closet floor at the end of the day and you’ll end up with piles of stinky clothes all over your room. Leave clean laundry in the basket instead of hanging everything up and you can expect wrinkles in your clothes. If your closet is small or poorly organized, these “systems” probably sound familiar! This is why having a system in place—and a closet that allows your system to work for you—is the key to getting the most out of your closet.

Did you escape the “spring cleaning” frenzy in one piece? If you survived, we hope you were able to purge your closet of old and unused items and put seasonal clothing into storage. Now that you’ve dealt with the belongings in your closet, it’s time to allow your closet to truly show off all your hard work. Here are some tips to help you figure out the perfect custom walk-in closet design in Midland, MI for your personal style:

  • Get a hutch: Even though you have a full-size dresser in your bedroom for folded clothing items and accessories, you still might consider installing a hutch style dresser inside your closet. A hutch placed in the center of the closet is a clean and easy way to divide up the sides, which works in individual and shared closets. If the closet is all yours, use a hutch to separate work clothes from casual wear. If you share, you each get a side. Use the hutch drawers to store wardrobe accessories and the shelving to display framed photographs or decor.
  • Use all available closet space: Whether you’re planning a complete closet remodel or making small changes, measure the space from floor to ceiling before making any decisions. Use double hanging rods to keep related items close together. Attach hanging hooks to unused small areas in closet corners, install shelves above and below rods (make sure there’s enough room below for shirts and pants to hang freely) and get a set of stylish hampers with lids.
  • Add more drawers: Deep drawers are helpful design features. The more drawers you have inside your closet, the less furniture you’ll need in the rest of the bedroom. These drawers are available in hutch style, or you can opt for built-in drawers if you’re doing a closet remodel. An uncluttered bedroom means lower anxiety and more open space for rest and relaxation.
  • Check out wall mounted features: Many closets have floor mounted systems. These look nice, but have decorative trim or toe kicks at the bottom that take away precious inches of storage space. Consider a crisp, cleanly designed wall mounted system to utilize all your floor space.
  • The floor: Walk-in closets have more floor space than traditional closets—the amount of floor space depends on the size of the closet. When designing your closet, think about installing hard flooring. Surfaces like wood, laminate and tile are much easier to clean, and don’t harbor dust like carpet. Hard flooring looks nice, too.

When you are ready to discuss custom closet design in Midland, MI, contact the team at Nowak Cabinets of Midland. Our closet experts are ready to help you create the perfect closet to match your personal style!

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