New Year, New Closet, New You! Start Designing Your Custom Closet in Midland, MI for the New Year

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Another new year is on its way—what do you want to change? Let’s say your goal for the new year is to update an old closet or create the custom closet you’ve always wanted. If this is the case, then it’s time to start planning. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your new custom closet in Midland, MI.

Consider available space

The first thing you need to figure out is whether your project will be a renovation of your existing closet space or an expansion into another area of your home, like a bedroom. If you’re thinking the latter, are you willing to sacrifice some amount of usable space to the new closet? There’s an advantage to having a well-designed closet—you won’t have a dire need for a traditional clothes dresser, as the closet expansion can move into its space. Alternatively, consider transforming an adjacent room into a walk-in closet.

Start organizing

Since you’re investing the time and money into building a custom closet this new year, you might as well focus on getting organized, too. You should actually start doing this before designing your new closet. Any reputable closet design consultant will tell you this is an important step for any homeowner wanting to maximize their closet space. Start by taking an inventory of your clothing. Get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore, and set aside the stuff you intend to keep. Make a list of how many long items, short items, shoes, bags, etc. you own, as well as anything you’ve put off purchasing due to lack of closet space.

Shared closet

The key to a shared closet is building in enough storage space to hold all the items you want to store inside. A closet designed for two people isn’t as simple as just building two separate sides. For example, the rods on either side need to be high or low enough to accommodate each individual’s shirt lengths, and if one person prefers hanging their pants, allow room for that. Prefer folding most your clothes? Incorporate adequate shelf storage space. One or both people sharing the closet might also have non-clothing items they wish to store, like jewelry, cufflinks, hats, bags, purses, ties, scarves, belts and watches. These items will need different types of storage spaces.

Drawers and other closet features

Having drawers in the closet is a nice touch, but don’t add too many. Consider more shelving instead of drawers because they take up less space, and shelf storage lets you see all your things right away when you open the closet doors. Finally, don’t forget to design other features into your custom closet, like lighting, upgraded rods, mirrors and pullout shoe racks.

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