A Short Guide to Custom Closet Design

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Have you always dreamed of a well-organized walk-in closet with multi-level hanging areas? Perhaps you’re looking to add a bit more storage space to your home outside of the bedroom.

Whatever you’re looking for can be accomplished with the right custom closet design contractor. You have plenty of possibilities when it comes to custom closet design.

Investing in a custom closet

Homeowners have a wide range of reasons for why they choose to install custom closets and closet systems. They may want to maximize their space or reduce stress. If you find yourself frantically throwing around clothes each morning in a cramped, crowded space, then a brand-new custom closet could be the right change for you.

You may want to buy more shoes, handbags or clothes but feel hindered by your lack of storage. Either way, investing in a new closet is a great long-term investment in your property. Think about it: When potential buyers are comparing homes, they will be attracted to those that have more than adequate storage space.

Major design considerations

You want to visualize the custom closet of your dreams and then make it happen. This starts with the size of the closet. Think about the number of clothes you’ll plan to have in the closet; then have the hanging-space measurement go 10 percent larger than that number.

Do you want a place to sit in the closet? This is a convenient spot for putting on socks and shoes. Do you want to look at yourself in the mirror? Again, a closet is a convenient spot to get a glimpse of how you look before you run out the door.

One of the major points of closet redesign is to maximize the space—that means you want to use all the vertical space from the ceiling and the floor. Lower shelves can be ideal spots for storing shoes, belts, jewelry and accessories. Don’t forget about lighting as well—this can make the closet a more inviting and practical space.

More design choices

Once you have the basic outline of what the new closet will look like, you have plenty of design choices to make. This starts with the construction materials. Many homeowners choose melamine or rigged thermofoil. There are also hybrid systems that use a combination of materials. After you choose these materials, then you can consider the cabinet door styles you’re looking for.

Hardware finish choices include choosing among knobs, pulls and hanging rods. Popular choices for hardware finishes are chrome for a more modern look or classics like antique, brushed brass.

Then you need to think about which closet accessories you’d like to use. Some possibilities for all custom closets and closet systems include:

  • Wall safes
  • Valet rods
  • Tie and belt racks
  • Jewelry drawers
  • Shoe shelves
  • Hidden hamper and laundry bins
  • Slide-out mirrors

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