Spot the Difference: Bathroom Vanities vs. Bathroom Cabinets in Midland, MI

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Before buying replacement bathroom fixtures, consider taking the time to research your options. Of course, your bathroom needs a sink, but don’t forget in-room storage space for things like toiletries, personal grooming items and clean towels. Sinks, cabinets, vanities—choose whichever suits your style and will work best for your needs. That said, is there even a difference between bathroom vanities and bathroom cabinets in Midland, MI? Let’s find out!

Planning a bathroom remodel

Selecting custom cabinets for your bathroom remodel is not as simple as it seems. Sure, you can look at photos online or go into a store to compare styles, colors and hardware, but the terminology might get a bit confusing. As with any home remodeling project, it’s a good idea to go into things having at least briefly studied the basic industry vocabulary. Concepts like “semi-custom” cabinets, and the sheer variety of wood trim options can spin your mind—however, you’ll catch on quickly hearing your contractor using bathroom remodel terminology day after day.

When it comes to bathrooms, you’ll encounter the terms “bathroom cabinets” and “bathroom vanities.” They are slightly different things, but the terms are often used interchangeably.

Spot the difference between bathroom cabinets and vanities

You will come across the terms “bathroom cabinets” and “bathroom vanities” during your bathroom remodel research and planning. In most cases, the information in front of you won’t clearly distinguish one term from the other. Both may even be used in the same sentence, and while that’s okay, you should know that there are some differences between the two.

Right off the bat, a bathroom cabinet topped with a sink basin is considered a vanity; however, not all vanities are considered cabinets. For example, if there are cabinets in your bathroom used for extra storage and they don’t have a sink sitting on top, then what you have is a bathroom cabinet and not a vanity. A bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink, countertop and an enclosed storage unit around it. The cabinet door underneath the sink closes to hide exposed plumbing. Some bathroom vanities are combined with substantial cabinet space for storage, while others mostly hide the plumbing and provide minimal storage space.

Bathroom cabinets are different from kitchen cabinets

While we’re on the subject of cabinets, it’s worth noting that there’s a difference between bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets—even though they are similar in style, finish and installation. Remember, bathroom cabinets don’t have connected sinks—those are bathroom vanities. Bathroom cabinets tend to be shallower than kitchen cabinets. They are also shorter, but you can customize the size and height that work best in your bathroom. Do you want your new bathroom cabinets to match or look similar to the ones in your kitchen? That can happen when you go the custom-made route.

If you are interested in custom bathroom cabinets in Midland, MI, then visit Nowak Cabinets of Midland. Our showroom displays the different styles and materials we offer for cabinetry, and you are welcome to discuss your project with one of our professionals!

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