Tips for Improving Your Home Office Storage

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Working on remodeling or building a home office? With more people than ever working remotely these days, home offices have become something of a must-have feature for many homeowners across the country. It’s important for any home office to have a pleasant environment for working in.

While you’re likely going to want to spend time thinking about window treatments, flooring and furniture, you should also be sure to spend some time thinking about the various home office storage options you can put in your home office in Midland, MI. Some of the most important items for you to consider include:

  • Work space: Exactly how much space do you need to get your job done? More specifically, how much surface space do you need? Are you going to be able to get by with a standard desk from an office store, or do you need something a bit more customized to allow you to spread out more? The nature of your job will likely dictate the amount of surface space you need. An architect who creates practical drawings and sketches, for example, is probably going to need quite a bit more surface space than someone who primarily works with a laptop and a word processing program.
  • Electronics: How much electronic equipment do you have? This will influence the kind of storage solutions and desk options you’ll consider. Think about not just monitors and CPUs, but also keyboards, printers, fax machines and anything else you might regularly use. You might also consider storage solutions that have built-in power outlets or charging units.
  • Supplies: What kind of supplies do you regularly use for your job? Examples include office supplies like pens and pencils, printer paper, etc.
  • Files: How many filing cabinets do you currently use? Is there any way you can condense them into a more efficient filing solution? Do you want something that’s permanently built in, or something that can easily be moved if you change your layout idea?
  • Layout efficiency: It’s not just enough for you to have enough storage—it also has to be planned efficiently. The way you store items should just make sense. It should be easy to get to everything you need on a regular basis. Think about the “triangle” theory of kitchen design, where you want to constantly have easy access to your prep space, sink and cooking area. You can use this same sort of philosophy with your office setup, keeping easy access between the three primary areas of your office: your desk, your files and your main area of supply storage.
  • Lighting: Make sure to add lighting into your storage areas so it’s easy for you to find exactly what you need to grab. You’d be amazed at how frequently people overlook closet and cabinet lighting when putting in new storage in their homes.

For more information about some of the most important factors to consider when improving your home office organization in Midland, MI, reach out to the experts at Nowak Cabinets of Midland today.

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