Custom Cabinets in Midland, MI: Which Design Is Best for You?

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Whether you are building your dream home or just thinking about doing so, custom cabinets can make or break your space. You want your cabinets to be functional and fit your sense of style and the design of the rest of your home.

Choosing a design style for your cabinets can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t even know what all your options are. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of our customers’ favorite designs for custom cabinets in Midland, MI and a little information about each so you can see which one fits your vision for your home.


Homespun and handcrafted are the two words that best describe the feel of these cabinets. The farmhouse design style is marked by this rustic, sometimes almost rugged, appearance. The farmhouse style is best suited for those who are looking for an unpretentious, functional and straightforward look for their home.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have modern cabinet designs. Sleek, streamlined cabinets would best describe this style. If you are looking for clean lines and a minimalist type of look, then a more modern design would best suit your fancy.


Mid-century cabinet designs share the clean lines and minimalist look with more modern designs, but don’t get the two confused—these are still very distinct styles. Mid-century cabinets have a more classic and understated look. For mid-century cabinetry, functionality is key and the use of geometric form and both traditional and non-traditional materials is explored.

Shabby chic

Where comfort meets style and old meets new is probably the best way to describe shabby chic cabinetry. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where in the spectrum one style ends and the other begins, but that is what makes shabby chic unique. Cabinet styles in this category typically have elements of the vintage and can also include adding touches of age or distress to wooden surfaces.


People often think traditional means basic or “safe” in the world of interior design, but this is not the case. Traditional looks are often elegant, inviting, rich and decorative. Often reminiscent of European designs, traditional cabinetry may include motifs and other century-old styling techniques and patterns. The perfect blend of elaborate hardware and rich colors defines the traditional style.


Opposite of traditional, we have industrial—a seamless blend of wood and metal, often minimalistic and more modern in design. The inspiration for industrial cabinetry is often pulled from factories and other industrial spaces. Industrial designs are known for being understated, functional, versatile and yet original.

No matter what design you think will best fit your unique style, Nowak Cabinets of Midland can help turn your vision into a reality. And if none of these styles seem like the perfect fit, our designers can help create a custom look that is uniquely you. To learn more about what we can create together, give us a call today—we look forward to helping you get the custom cabinets in Midland, MI that you’ve always wanted!

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