5 Midcentury Modern Trends That Are Making a Comeback

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An old adage says that everything comes back around full circle after time passes. That saying is true in many situations, including mid-century decorative trends. These are five ways such trends have made a comeback and how you can incorporate the revival into your next home remodeling project.

What Is Mid-Century Design?

Mid-century design refers to a time between 1930 and 1960 when people kept their home decor simple yet uniquely fascinating. It includes the use of vibrant colors, leather furniture, and various minimalistic arrangements. A modern project with this type of scheme will likely scream "retro."

5 Ways To Add Mid-Century Design To Your Home

Many people are now setting up their homes with mid-century themes. Here are several interesting ways you can give your home the same appeal if you so desire:

1. Install a "Loud" Couch

Vibrant colors are some of the main characteristics involved in mid-century design. Therefore, you can start with your couch. Most modern homes that take up mid-century personalities have vibrant-colored couches in the middle of their living rooms. Consider purchasing a green, tangerine, or aqua-colored sofa for yours and then creating your 50s look based on that image. You can come up with a heap of ideas by starting there. 

2. Use Geometric or Abstract Art

Next, think about the type of artwork you want to install on your walls. You can capture a mid-century appeal by using art with geometric shapes, bright colors, and abstract designs. Those unique images will dazzle your guests and allow them to interpret the pictures as they see fit. 

3. Leave Lots of Space

Keep in mind that mid-century homes had minimalist setups. The people who lived during this difficult time period were all about surviving the best they could with what they had. Less is more. Thus, you don’t want to over-clutter your home or fill it with expensive items. Instead, use small or normal-sized furniture as opposed to buying oversized items. Give your main living spaces an incomplete look to add to the effect. 

4. Switch To Leather

Leather is also a substantial mid-century additive. Consider transitioning into leather furniture in the living room and dining room areas. If you can track down a retro-styled television, that may also help create the vintage appeal you desire. 

5. Use Bold Wallpaper Designs

Use a bold approach when choosing your wallpaper design. For example, yellow half circles with whitespace are one way to go. You can follow that up by putting a lamp with a white shade next to the wall and adding a plant for additional mid-century flavor. 

You can get even more wildly creative with the wallpaper and use abstract shapes, floral designs, bug images, 3D, or something else. The primary characteristic of the wallpaper should be a gripping one. In other words, it should reach out and grab anyone who looks at it. 

As you can see, midcentury design has become highly popular once again. Consider speaking to a remodeling contractor about adding this style and flair to your home. 

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