What Is the Right Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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Wood cabinets tend to be quite versatile. Even though kitchen and home styles tend to change throughout the years, wood is a solid choice for all of your cabinetry. Depending on whether you want to paint your cabinets or show off the wood’s natural texture and grain, you may want to choose different wood types. Here’s an overview of wood types for your kitchen cabinets in Midland, MI.

The best wood for natural wood cabinets

Natural wood cabinets are slowly coming back into style, and you can expect they’ll be popular again within the next few years. If you want to show off the wood’s texture, grain and color, choose wood with a lot of texture. Cherry, Brazilian cherry, alder, oak and hickory are all great choices that look nice either stained or varnished. Alder and oak are two of the most popular choices from recent decades, but all of these options will look great in your kitchen. Oak is particularly easy to work with, which contributed to its popularity.

One of the best things about using natural wood with a lot of character is that no two cabinets will look exactly alike. If you love unique styles, this is a great way to make your cabinetry stand out.

The best wood for painted cabinets

In contrast, if you want painted cabinets, you need wood without a noticeable grain or texture. Painted cabinets (usually white or gray) are the most popular type of wooden cabinets right now. Choosing wood for your cabinets gives you the opportunity to change the paint or stain color later on, so your kitchen can change with the times. (Plus, you can always switch out the hardware for an inexpensive brand-new look.)

If you think you’d prefer painting your cabinets, maple is a great choice. The grain is so fine that you can’t really see or feel the texture. That makes it perfect for painting—the paint will adhere to the wood without settling into the grain. When you get tired of the current color, you can simply strip it and/or repaint them.

Regular maple is always the best choice, but you might see soft maple available, too. Soft maple is more cost-effective if you’re on a budget.

The best cost-effective wood cabinet choices

If you’re on a budget, you can get beautiful wood cabinets made from pine or poplar. Poplar is relatively light and doesn’t last as long, but it still holds up well over time. Pine has a “soft” appearance, but if that appeals to you, it’s a great choice. Should you decide to paint these cabinets, make sure you fill in any sections with whorls, knobs or heavy grain.

Whatever type of wooden cabinets you choose in Midland, MI, working with a great cabinet contractor is the most important part. Nowak Cabinets of Midland prides itself on using the best materials and methods to put out quality custom cabinetry for our clients. Reach out to us today to get started on the process.

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