The Best Ways to Enhance Garage Storage

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If you’re like many homeowners, the garage isn’t just a place to park your cars. It’s used for storing boxes, lawn care equipment and anything else that doesn’t have a place to go in the attic or basement. The problem is that your garage only has a certain amount of space! After a while, it gets cluttered with all sorts of junk, leading to a ton of frustration.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help get your garage clean and organized! Continue reading to learn more about cleaning up your garage and updating it with cabinets for garage storage in Midland, MI.

Start by sorting and planning

After making a floorplan of your garage, sort similar items in a pile, as these items should be stored together. For example, group and store lawn equipment in one area and sports equipment in another. This type of organization will make things easier to find after the project is complete.

Know what to store in the garage

We mentioned above how a garage can turn into a catch-all for your belongings. Try to avoid that going forward! Some things that shouldn’t be stored in a garage include paper goods, pet food, paint and propane. These items should be stored in a climate-controlled environment and away from critters and pests.

Install the right cabinetry

Next, you’ll want to hire a contractor to install the perfect cabinets for garage storage in Midland, MI. Your contractor will recommend cabinetry based on the size of your garage and the items you need to store in it. It’s important to note that standard kitchen or bathroom cabinetry won’t work—you’ll need cabinets designed specifically for your garage.

Use overhead space

Even the best cabinetry can’t hold all of your items. The garage ceiling is a great place for larger items that you don’t use every day—long ladders and seasonal sports equipment are perfect examples. Just be sure they don’t interfere with the garage door.

Know how to park

Now that your garage storage options in Midland, MI are all squared away, it’s time to pull your cars into the garage! Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling that will tell you how far you can pull your car into the space. Additionally, be sure to leave plenty of walking space between vehicles and the walls.

Keep it clean

We recommend going through your garage once a year and tossing out things you don’t use. If that old bicycle is just taking up space, give it to Goodwill or try selling it online. Freeing up any additional space will give you more room to park and allow for a clutter-free garage.

Call our team for help!

As you can see, this project might not be too easy. Customers who need some guidance should call our team at Nowak Cabinets of Midland. In addition to teaching you more about your garage storage options in Midland, MI, we can help you plan your garage storage for maximum efficiency. Contact us today to learn more!

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