What Types of Home Remodels Are Worth the Investment?

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People remodel their homes for a variety of reasons. Some people want to update outdated systems and fixtures in their homes. Others want to improve the functionality of their spaces, or simply wish to make their homes look better. But whatever the reason for the remodel, homeowners should also ensure they do the remodel in a way that gives them a positive return on their investment. Will your remodel of choice improve the value of your home in the long run? If not, you might be spending money that won’t be of much help to you should you ever choose to sell your home.

With this in mind, here are a few examples of some types of remodeling projects that will yield a positive return on your investment:

  • Any updates that provide aesthetic improvements: Any exterior projects that improve your home’s curb appeal or interior projects that significantly enhance the aesthetic value of your home are typically worthwhile endeavors. Adding new siding or paint, repairing the roof, doing some landscaping work and refinishing a deck are just four examples of exterior projects that will dramatically increase curb appeal, and therefore the value of your home. Keep in mind that the exterior of your home is what makes the first impression on potential buyers, and it will be a big factor in their decision of whether or not to purchase.
  • Kitchen remodels: Kitchen remodels are among the most common types of home remodeling projects. This makes sense, when you consider just how much use the average kitchen gets. Homeowners want to maximize the kitchen’s functionality as well as its aesthetic value, and many buyers base their decision in large part on the quality of the kitchen space.
  • Cabinets and countertops: Some people don’t do complete kitchen remodels, and instead upgrade certain aspects of the kitchen. Cabinet and countertop upgrades are among those common types of mini-remodels for homeowners. Cabinet makers in Midland, MI can provide you with custom cabinet solutions for your home that will maximize your space efficiency and dramatically improve the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Master suite expansions: Homebuyers these days put a lot of emphasis on the master bedroom or suite. Creating additions to those spaces can make your home that much more appealing. You might consider expanding your current master bedroom with a bathroom remodel, or add a completely new bedroom onto your home.
  • Bathroom remodels: If your bathroom is outdated and doesn’t meet your functional needs or desires, remodeling the bathroom can be a worthwhile project that adds both value and functionality to your living space.

There are other types of remodeling projects that can have some benefits to you personally but will not really do much to add to the value of your home. These include novelty additions or spaces that are designed for a very specific purpose, as well as small additions and pools.

For more information about home remodeling projects, particularly in the kitchen, reach out to our expert cabinet makers in Midland, MI right away.

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