Tips For Choosing Stock Cabinets

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Tips For Choosing Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets can be a great way to save money and complete a kitchen makeover. Stock cabinets are pre-manufactured in standard sizes and finishes. This makes them ideal for those who aren’t interested in a lot of customization. But nonetheless, you still need to know how to choose the right ones based on your needs.


Choosing stock cabinets is a great option for those who want to save money but don’t need the customization options that custom cabinetry offers. This type of cabinetry is mass-produced to industry standard sizes, styles and finishes and can be installed as a DIY project. They also are cheaper and easier to replace than custom cabinets, making them an attractive option for those who have a limited budget. However, they aren’t as durable and can show wear and tear sooner than custom cabinetry.


Stock cabinets are a popular and affordable option. They’re readily available at the big box home improvement stores and even at some custom cabinet makers. These are usually made using economical materials and have simple joinery that’s built into modules to fit together like puzzle pieces. However, you can enhance them with decorative hardware and knobs. Another advantage to stock cabinets is that they’re available in a broad variety of colors and finishes. You can also find them in different door styles. They’re also available in a variety of accessories that can help you organize your kitchen, such as pullout spice racks, rollout shelves, lazy susans, and drawer dividers. Choosing the right cabinet style is a decision that should be made after taking into account the function of your space and how you plan to use it.


Stock cabinets are often a good choice for homeowners who want to save time and money on their kitchen remodeling project. However, choosing the right cabinet finish for the job can be tricky. The finishing techniques that you choose for your cabinets will depend on several factors, including the material you’re using and what you hope to achieve with your finished product. Lacquer is one of the most common finishes that can be applied to cabinets. It dries quickly and provides a beautiful look that enhances wood grain, texture and other natural features of your cabinets. Semi-gloss and satin are two other popular finishes that can be used for your cabinets. They both have a sheen that helps reflect light and make them easier to clean, so they are better suited for busy kitchens. Stain is another option that can be used on your cabinetry to change the color or to protect it from damage. It’s a more time-consuming process than other finishes, but it offers a more crafted final aesthetic that can be personalized with different areas in the wood that soak up more or less stain.


The hardware for your stock cabinets needs to make sense both in terms of design and utility. It should be easy for you to grip and operate when swinging a door open, and it should be able to handle repeated use over the long term. You can mix and match different styles of pulls and knobs if you like, but it is often easier to stick with one finish for all hardware in a kitchen. This will give the whole look a sense of cohesiveness and ensure a uniform look after installation. Depending on your cabinet style, you can also choose to go with a square or curved hardware design. These styles are more traditional or transitional, and they can add a softer edge to the look of your cabinets.

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