5 Tips for a Successful Laundry Room Remodel

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The laundry room is not typically the first room that comes to mind when you are considering a remodel. However, laundry room remodeling offers a high return on investment. Let’s take a look at a few laundry room design tips to help you plan a successful laundry room remodeling project.

Tip #1: Install a Sink

If your laundry room doesn’t currently have a sink, it’s time to add one. The sink can serve as an easy place to scrub stains off of clothing before throwing them into the washer. This eliminates the need to go to the kitchen or bathroom sink to perform this task. For convenience, install the sink near your washer and dryer.

Tip #2: Upgrade the Lighting

The laundry room is a smaller room in the home, which means it needs sufficient lighting. The proper amount of light in the laundry room makes the space more convenient for you. Consider recessed lighting and decorative lighting fixtures to improve the lighting in your laundry room design.

Tip #3: Add Storage

To ensure your laundry room doesn’t become a disaster zone with dirty and clean laundry, you need to have appropriate storage. You may want to consider retrofitting cabinets so that they hold laundry baskets, allowing you the ability to keep dirty laundry hidden. Open shelving can be used to hold detergent, dryer sheets and balls, and related items.

Tip #4: Incorporate Hooks

A hook or hook rack that is placed strategically can make a huge difference in the use of your laundry room. It helps keep items easily seen and accessible while also reducing clutter on the floor and counter surfaces. These hooks can serve as a piece of decor that adds charm to the space while also being functional as an organizer and a holder of laundry essentials.

Tip #5: Install a Rail System

Rather than taking clean laundry to a different room to hang it up and fold it, consider adding a rod or rail system. These are out of the way and can help keep clean clothes (and other items) more organized. As clean clothes finish in the dryer, you can begin to hang them up immediately. Make sure to have a basket available for folded clothes and intimate items.

Before beginning a laundry room remodeling project yourself or with a professional contractor, make sure you’ve planned out the laundry room design. For more information, contact us at Nowak Cabinets of Midland.

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