The Process of Getting Custom Cabinets

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Custom cabinets designed for your home or business are a great way to increase the structure’s value and add your personal touch of style. This quick guide will help you better understand the process involved in designing your custom cabinets. Keep reading to learn more.

The Planning Phase

The first step of this journey will be to sit down with the custom cabinet maker you have chosen. When you arrive for this consultation, you should bring the approximate measurements and blueprints or sketches of what you had in mind. Providing these will help the team fully understand what you have in mind.

After reviewing this material, the team can show you what is available and set realistic goals for what can be accomplished.


Following this, you will be able to receive an estimate. This is an important part of the process as this will help you determine a budget for the project. Remember that the estimate is just that, and estimate. The cost of your custom cabinet project could change depending on many factors. Your team will keep you informed if there are any important changes you should know about.


Once you have reviewed the estimates, you will be asked to sign an ATP, which stands for Authorization to Proceed. The ATP is needed to give the custom cabinet company permission to start the project. Once the ATP is signed, your custom cabinets will start to become a reality.

Field Measurements

The real work begins with a field measurement when a technician will come to your home or business and conduct on-site measurements. These measurements are crucial to producing quality cabinet products that work well in your space.  If you are having custom cabinets placed into new construction, plumbing and electrical rough-ins will need to be completed before work can commence.


Now comes the part when the cabinetry designers will work to create a cabinetry work of art for you. The custom cabinet blueprint will be created using CAD software for your approval.

Production and Installation

Once you approve the designs, the custom cabinets can be produced and installed in your home or business.

Installation is not always completed by the same company that designs your custom cabinets. If the design company will not be completing the installation, then you will need to arrange for the cabinets to be transported to the job site.

Once the cabinets are on the job site, the work will be handed over to the contractor or subcontractor who will handle cabinet installation.


Once your cabinets are fully installed, your custom cabinet project is completed. Custom cabinets are often chosen so that homeowners or business owners can express their own personal style and make allowances for the special needs of the space.

Custom cabinets are of the highest quality and will add beauty and value to your home or business for years to come.

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