Undercabinet Lighting Dos & Don’ts

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The kitchen is a huge part of any home, and being able to work in the kitchen with ease is a must. Undercabinet lighting is a great thing that can help you make your kitchen look more complete and more usable.

What Is Undercabinet Lighting?

This lighting is tucked up under the cabinets to illuminate the countertop. This type of lighting is very useful if you want to add a bit more gentle or soft lighting, but that is not super difficult to put in.

Undercabinet lighting is easy to put in, it is beautiful, and it can help to make your kitchen cozier and more comfortable overall. When it comes to choosing this type of lighting, you need to consider things like custom cabinet installation and the type of cabinets you have.

Where to Install Lighting

When it comes to undercabinet lighting, the most important thing to keep in mind is where they are going to be put and how they are going to be installed. If they are going to be installed on a cabinet that you can see the bottom of without having to stoop, you might want to look for low-profile lights or lights that are the same color as the cabinet that they are being installed on.

You might also want to consider if you are going to install lights on the window sills, if you are going to install lights on top of the cabinets, and so on. These are all things to keep in mind when you are looking for lights.

Types of Lighting

When choosing the type of lighting you want to use, LED lights are the best option. They are not going to add a ton of heat to the kitchen like a xenon or halogen light would, they are not going to have bulbs that need to be replaced often, and they often come in easy-to-install strips.

With LED lights, you can get strips of lights to mount on the bottom of the cabinets and then hooked up so that they can turn on and off. LED lights are durable, last for a very long time, and use very little energy.

The right lights can be great for your kitchen and can help elevate your overall style rather quickly. Taking the time to find lights that you love, lights that will look great, and lights that will work for your unique space can help you love the final result. Undercabinet lights are a great addition to any kitchen, and they are relatively inexpensive. They will look impressive without costing a ton and without being super difficult to install.

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