2022’s Top Walk-in Closet Trends

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Homeowners love having walk-in closets. That extra storage space can be useful for storing everything from formal wear to accessories and shoes. While, usually, people assume that bigger closets are better, making the most of the space you have is smart. You can make your closet a welcoming space that you’ll enjoy every day.

Let’s look at walk-in closet trends for 2022.

Vibrant colors

What better space to add a pop of color than a walk-in closet? If you want a more reserved look, all you have to do is close the door, and then you can enjoy the bold color anytime you want. This is on trend for custom closets in 2022. Add a bright, fun seat to the closet as well to make it a space you’ll truly feel comfortable in.


If you’re redesigning a walk-in closet, consider what role it’s going to play in your home. Many people simply live with the closets they have, but you believe your closet can be better. Start by focusing on some questions that will help you get to the bottom of why a redesigned closet is right for you:

  • How would I feel if my dream closet became a reality?
  • What are the problem areas I want to target with my current closet?
  • What are my priorities for my new closet?
  • Which closet accessories will make me feel organized and at home?

Dressing tables

One of the leading walk-in closet trends is a return to functionality, and you can make your walk-in closet more practical by adding a dressing table. Devoting a space in the closet to getting ready for your day will serve several purposes. You can contain all your belongings in one place, making everything you need within easy reach. It also offers more storage solutions while looking elegant.


Old-style closets either don’t have a light or just have a single bulb if you’re lucky, but the fact is that lighting can make or break design for custom closets. There are numerous ways to incorporate lighting into your closet, such as the following:

  • Natural light: Ever considered adding a window or skylight to your closet? If privacy is a concern, simply go for frosted glass.
  • Storage lighting: If you’re adding cupboards and cabinets to the closet, storage lighting will provide superior functionality, allowing you to see what you’re looking for even when the rest of the space isn’t lit up. Adding LED strip lights on a shoe rack can also make your collection look that much more impressive.
  • Overhead lighting: An elegant chandelier is a welcome addition to any closet. It’s guaranteed to make the space appear more impressive right away.

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