The Different Sizes of Bathroom Vanities

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Vanities offer an elegant touch to any bathroom. However, choosing the right sized vanity for your bathroom can sometimes be challenging. That’s because these beautiful bathroom cabinets come in a variety of different heights. You can even have them customized to meet your exact specifications. That said, there are many things you’ll want to consider before deciding on the right size for your bathroom vanity.

Standard size

The standard height for bathroom vanities is around 32 inches. These vanities are a bit shorter than “comfort height” vanities, making them perfect for households with smaller children. They sit just below your mirror and can be made to accommodate one or two sinks.

Standard height bathroom vanities date back several decades to when new housing developments offered homes with one bathroom. Since these bathrooms were used by all members of the household, including children, the vanities and bathroom cabinets needed to be low enough for everyone to reach.

Comfort size

Comfort height vanities are just a bit taller than standard height, at 36 inches. The height of comfort vanities matches the height of most kitchen countertops. These vanities are a bit more convenient for adults without children, as they don’t have to bend down as far to reach bathroom items. These vanities are especially great for taller individuals and those with back problems.

Things to consider

There are several things you’ll want to consider before choosing a bathroom vanity, no matter what size. For example, it’s important to think about the available space in your bathroom. You don’t want your vanity taking up too much of that available space, or it could be hard for you to move around. You also don’t want the vanity to be too small, or else it could look strange in the space.

Be sure to go with a vanity that works with your existing plumbing. Moving the plumbing around is a huge undertaking, not to mention that it usually costs a lot of money. There’s also the other cabinets and drawers in your bathroom to consider. You don’t want the doors to hit each other when they open, so go with a vanity that leaves plenty of room for your other storage options.

Height isn’t the only thing you should think about. It’s also important to consider the width of your vanity. If you only want one sink, go with a vanity with a width of around 40 inches. For double sinks, it’s best to go with a bathroom cabinet that’s around 70 inches wide.

What is the best size for a bathroom vanity?

The perfect bathroom vanity size usually depends on the individual’s exact needs and wants. Some people prefer having their items kept a bit lower, while others like the convenience of things being within arm’s reach. As mentioned above, those who plan on sharing a bathroom with their children should probably go with a standard height vanity.

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