The Ultimate Guide to Childproofing Cabinets

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Childproofing a home is a must once young children start crawling or walking around the house. Neglecting to childproof a home can result in property damage and serious injuries to your kids. Although childproofing includes a variety of things, we’re experts in childproofing all of your cabinetry. This post will cover everything you need to know about how to childproof cabinets in Midland, MI.

Install new cabinets

Our first tip for childproofing your cabinets is to buy new ones! Today’s cabinetry is often built with childproofing in mind, utilizing only the highest-quality materials and construction methods. With new cabinets throughout the house, you can rest easy knowing your cabinetry won’t fall apart when a young child pulls on the knob or bumps into them.

Remove dangerous objects

From hazardous cleaning agents and powerful medications to sharp utensils, kids get into all sorts of harmful things. While the childproofing methods we’ll cover below will do wonders, we recommend removing anything dangerous from a child’s potential reach. Move any cleaners, medications, lighters, batteries, plastic bags and cutlery to a higher cabinet where it’s far from a child’s reach.

Install locks

When it comes to how to childproof cabinets in Midland, MI, utilizing these locks is a must. There are a ton of different products on the market—magnetic locks, slide locks and spring-action locks are a few of the top options. While the products can make opening the cabinets a bit of a hassle for adults, they’re guaranteed to keep your kids safe.

Use Velcro

The heavy-duty locks mentioned above might not be necessary for babies or young toddlers. Velcro strips placed on the tops and sides of cabinet doors are usually strong enough to prevent little ones from opening the door and accessing whatever’s inside. Keep in mind that as your kids grow older and stronger, the Velcro might not be as effective.

Add foam bumpers

Empty cabinets might not necessitate Velcro or locks, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be childproofed. One of our tips for cabinet safety for children in Midland, MI is to cut foam pool noodles and place them on the edges of the cabinet door. This works to prevent painful head bumps and ensures cabinet doors can’t be slammed or broken.

Cover the knobs

Large knobs on cabinet doors are another source of head bumps and big bruises. There are products out there that are designed to cover the knobs, but you can make your own by splitting a tennis ball or wrapping the knob in cloth. It might not look the best, but covering the knobs will keep your kids safe.

Choose Nowak Cabinets of Midland for the safest cabinetry

Installing new cabinetry isn’t a DIY job, nor is it a job for an inexperienced amateur. As a fully licensed and insured business, homeowners turn to Nowak Cabinets of Midland for all of their cabinetry needs. Contact us today to get some more tips for cabinet safety for children in Midland, MI or to receive a quote for your cabinet upgrade project.

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