What to Consider Before Installing Open Kitchen Shelving

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Kitchen shelving can make a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. There are lots of different types of kitchen shelving to choose from, but all those options can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for. Open kitchen shelving, for example, is a type of kitchen shelving that doesn’t have doors like standard cabinets. It’s a great option for those seeking to keep their kitchen storage easily accessible.

If you’re thinking about installing open kitchen shelving, it’s a good idea to carefully consider the benefits and disadvantages of this type of shelving. Keep reading to learn what you need to know before installing open kitchen shelving in Midland, MI.

  • Accessibility: One of the biggest benefits of open kitchen shelving is the fact that it makes everything very easily accessible. Open shelving allows people to see pots, pans, dishes, cooking implements and pantry items without going through cabinets searching for specific items. Open shelving can be a great choice if functionality and accessibility are important priorities in your everyday kitchen.
  • More space: Open shelving does not take up as much space as traditional cabinetry so it’s a great option for small spaces. Open shelving also doesn’t require room for swinging cabinet doors, which makes it easier to plan a kitchen layout that uses space efficiently. This is a great for people who want to get the most out of limited space, while keeping plenty of storage available for everything in the kitchen.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Another important thing to consider when it comes to open kitchen shelving is aesthetic appeal. Some homeowners love being able to display beautiful dishes and glassware, but others don’t like the fact that open shelving always leaves everything on display. If you have matching dishes and glassware and you’re eager to show them off, open shelving is probably a great option. If you’re concerned about having your cluttered cabinets on display for everyone to see, it’s best to stick with traditional cabinets with closing doors.
  • Cleaning and upkeep: Traditional cabinets keep dishes protected from dust and grime by keeping them enclosed. Open kitchen shelving exposes dishes and glassware to the air and allows dust and grime to settle on items stored on shelves. If your dishes are used regularly and go through cycles of use and cleaning on a weekly basis, this might not be a concern for you. However, if you have dishes that go weeks or months without being used, you’re more likely to have problems with dust settling.

No matter what your vision is for your kitchen storage, the team at Nowak Cabinets of Midland has the expertise necessary to make it a reality. We specialize in creating custom kitchen cabinets to match a wide variety of kitchen layouts, designs and décor schemes. We’re especially familiar with open shelving concepts and can help you realize the many benefits of this style in your kitchen—alongside many other cabinet aesthetics!

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