How to Organize and Keep Any Pantry Clean

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Kitchen pantry organization in Midland, MI is key to an efficient, well-run kitchen. No cook wants to spend 10 minutes searching for the right spice or sorting through messy piles of cookbooks for that special recipe. Fortunately, for those who are wondering how to improve a kitchen pantry, there are some simple steps you can take. Use the following tips to keep any pantry clean and organized:

  • Canisters are your friend: Canisters are key to kitchen pantry organization in Midland, MI. Invest in matching containers of various sizes. Use these for a full range of items, from baking flour to snacks. These matching canisters keep things neat and create a clean, organized look for your space.
  • Spices can get out of control: How many jars of cinnamon are currently in your kitchen? If you want to know how to improve a kitchen pantry in Midland, MI, look to your spices. Take inventory on the dozens of spice jars and bottles that currently live in your kitchen, then consolidate and toss. By getting rid of expired spices and combining duplicates, you’ll free up space and keep things fresh and organized.
  • Horizontal is good, too: Canned goods can be challenging to store. Too often, these become stacked in towers that are three cans high, which makes it difficult to access all the items and makes it hard to know when you’re running low on your favorite soup. Try wire baskets and store cans horizontally. This keeps all the cans in sight and makes better use of the space.
  • Baskets are simply beautiful: Baskets are an essential for kitchen pantry organization in Midland, MI. If baskets don’t sound like your style, keep in mind that bins, trays and other types of containers work well, too. Find a style that suits you. Use these to store small items that are hard to sort or are difficult to stand on wire pantry shelves.
  • Custom cabinetry is ideal: Pantry builders rarely have your exact needs in mind when they construct the space. Consider designing a custom pantry where you can store the appliances you use and the cooking supplies that you Work with a cabinet designer who can help you create the perfect space for your lifestyle.
  • Doors can be storage, too: Don’t forget to make use of the pantry door. This could be as much as 12 square feet of valuable storage space! Add a spice rack or hanging bins to the inside of the door. These nooks can provide the perfect place to store your plastic wrap, foil, spices, chip clips and more.

Create your dream pantry

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