Six Ways to Maximize the Layout of Your Living Room

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The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you wind down after a long, hard day at the office, but it’s also the space where you spend quality time with family and friends. As such, your living room needs to be welcoming, organized and clean at all times—which is often easier said than done. Luckily, some of the simplest décor changes can make the greatest impact in any of your living spaces. All you need are a few ideas and a nudge in the right direction.

Grab your notebook and put on your thinking cap! Here are six ways to maximize your living room layout in Midland, MI:

  • Choose a cohesive theme: Some homes are filled with rooms that are individually decorated and furnished, with little tying them together. Each kid’s bedroom has a different theme to reflect their individual personality, and the dining room and living room no longer complement each other. When you consider going with a cohesive theme throughout your home—say a color scheme or style of furniture—your living room can feel calmer and less chaotic.
  • Declutter: Speaking of chaotic, nothing tops a cluttered space. If your living room is littered with shoes, kids’ toys, dog toys, bags and more, there’s no way you can truly relax. Reducing visual clutter is the easiest way to calm a space. Start by thinning out wall art and shelf décor and bundling electronic wires. Donate the stuff you no longer want or use or put some things into storage.
  • Avoid bulky furniture: Too much furniture can make any living room layout appear out of sorts, as can excessively bulky furniture. Even though you need living room furniture, there needs to be adequate walking space throughout the room, and a sense of visual calmness. Giant furniture or pieces that don’t flow together create a cluttered feel that messes with the overall layout and function of the room.
  • Install cabinets: Cabinets are traditionally installed in spaces like kitchens and laundry areas, so you may not have considered the advantage of having built-in cabinets in your living room. Living room cabinets range from entertainment cabinets with doors and drawers to permanent storage units on the walls. Buy stock cabinets or invest in quality custom-made cabinets designed by a local small business.
  • Incorporate other storage solutions: Cabinets are one storage option out of many. If you’re looking for additional storage solutions that contribute to the layout of your living room, consider incorporating items like baskets, boxes and floating shelves. Baskets can hide DVDs, toys and other items from view, while floating shelves and bookcases display framed photos and trinkets—just be sure to not crowd shelves with too many items.
  • Use decorative accents: Decorative accents can bring your living room together—think throw pillows and blankets, houseplants, knitted poufs and lighting that pair well with the cohesive theme of your home.

Here at Nowak Cabinets of Midland, we design cabinetry that can improve any living room layout in Midland, MI. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas for your home.

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