Six Benefits of Buying from a Specialty Cabinet Shop vs. a Big Box Store

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People who train to become cabinet makers in Midland, MI are serious about what they do. An expert cabinet maker’s goal is to provide clients with cabinets that are both beautiful and functional, designed and made to last homeowners a long time. Here are six benefits of buying new kitchen or bathroom cabinets from a small cabinet shop instead of a big box store:

  • Expert help: Deciding to remodel any part of your home will cost money and require time for planning and doing. For your cabinet project to go smoothly, you might want to seek assistance from a specialty cabinetry retailer. Smaller shops tend to assign one person to work on your project from start to finish, while you get whoever is on the floor that day at a big box retailer. The latter means having to repeat all the details of your project every time you visit the store.
  • Experience and knowledge: If you want a cabinetry expert taking the lead on your home project, then take your business to a dedicated cabinet shop. Here, team members have educational backgrounds centered on kitchen, bathroom and home cabinetry and design and typically have extensive experience working in the industry. At many big box home improvement stores, it’s normal for staff to be moved from one department to another during shifts.
  • Efficiency: Often times individually owned cabinet shops are more efficient than big box stores, because they tend to operate from one central location in their area. All the resources they need are located in their immediate area and they are able to maintain relationships with suppliers and professional cabinet installers who do superior work.
  • Personalized design services: A huge advantage of working with a kitchen and bathroom cabinet shop is having experts on your side who specialize in custom design for your specific home remodeling project. They usually have professional designers on the team that can show you how your ideas will look in 3D—that’s after taking measurements and asking you questions about your wants and needs. In general, big box stores lack knowledgeable staff and design expertise.
  • Options: Sure, you can find a selection of premade cabinets at your local home improvement store, but why get something your neighbor has when you can have custom-made cabinetry instead? As a part of their custom services, a cabinet shop offers a range of options in their showroom—size, shape, materials, finishes and more—and can fulfill requests for further customization.
  • Peace of mind: Any type of home remodeling project is a process. You’re excited, but at the same time you don’t want to stress out over every little thing. For peace of mind, hire experts who will care about your project, keep you in the loop and honor your budget.

A specialty cabinet shop will take a personal interest in your remodeling project, remaining with you from start to finish. Call or visit Nowak Cabinets of Midland today to speak with one of our exceptional cabinet makers in Midland, MI.

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