Floating Kitchen Shelves or Cabinets

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Both floating shelves and cabinets make a beautiful look for a kitchen. Some people have a mix of both, while others take either one. When it comes to the question, are floating kitchen shelves better than cabinets? Here, we break down the pros and cons of each one.

Are Floating Kitchen Shelves Better Than Cabinets?

Kitchen Shelves

Choosing a floating kitchen shelf installation is excellent for many things we’re about to highlight. Still, they also have disadvantages as they do everything virtually. Kitchen floating cabinets also need to hold weight, but not too much weight. You must consider whether they will suit your kitchen’s aesthetics or clash. 

Pros of kitchen shelves

  • Kitchen shelves are easy to install and can be done DIY style if you’re keen and know-how.
  • They have a modern appeal which is great for contemporary interior-designed kitchens and homes.
  • They have a minimalistic look and feel, which some people love.
  • Floating kitchen shelves are cheaper to install.

Cons of kitchen shelves

  • They can only hold a limited number of items to bear the weight. This makes them a bit impractical if your kitchen lacks overall storage space.
  • Your dishware is constantly on display and could clash with the kitchen décor unless you purposely match them in some way.
  • Your items can get dusty easier.
  • Shelves can make a kitchen look cluttered.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are versatile and available in many materials, colors, and textures. They can make a kitchen look super contemporary, stylish, or outdated. It all depends on the kitchen décor and current trends, if any. They have their advantages and disadvantages that all homeowners should consider before installation. 

Pros of kitchen cabinets 

  • There are many aesthetic designs to choose from. 
  • They conceal your kitchen items, giving a neater overall finish and look for the kitchen. 
  • Cabinets offer more storage, so you can stow large and small items. 

Cons of kitchen cabinets

  • Cabinets can be costly to install.
  • You may notice wear and tear with years past.

You don’t always have to choose either; you may decide to have a bit of both in your kitchen, and that’s okay. Get a professional to assist you with the installations to ensure everything is fitted and secure.

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