Designing Your Home Bar – The Perfect Layout for Your Space

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A home bar is a fantastic addition to your property if you drink and entertain guests frequently. These are some custom home bar ideas you can use if you’re considering setting up a bar in your space:

1. Decide Where To Place the Bar

You first need to consider where to set up your bar. That aspect will depend on your home’s design and whether you have a basement. Some people choose to entertain their guests in the basement, where they can create an alluring wine cellar design or whiskey room design. Basements can generally be adapted into anything.

You could also use your attic if you have one. It might be fun and unique to create a bar scene in the attic where your guests can have drinks and view the clouds from the window. Otherwise, you could use a den space next to the living room to set up your drinking station.  

2. Think About Which Drinks You Want To Serve

Think about which drinks you want to serve your guests so that you can start gathering supplies. Do you want to craft mixed drinks and frozen specialties or stick primarily to wine, whiskey, and beer? You’ll need to consider those factors before starting your journey. Fortunately, you can purchase your supplies in bulk, so you’ll be ready to start serving your guests once you get your bar in its proper place. 

3. Consider the Bar Height

A standard 42-inch bar height will work for most stools. However, depending on your unique preferences, you might want to make your bar taller or shorter. 

The size will depend on your budget. You can get a cozy corner bar for a few hundred dollars if you don’t intend to entertain large crowds or you need to preserve space. A rustic oak rectangular-shaped bar is more expensive, but it can work well in a dining room area or an entertainment den. You can invest in a full mahogany wood pub bar if neither money nor space is an object.  

4. Choose Your Stools

Your bar stools should be comfortable enough for your guests to sit and enjoy themselves for extended periods. Thus, you may want to put some extra money into buying quality stools. Cherry wood stools with backs, arms, and swiveling abilities might be the best choice to provide your guests with maximum comfort. They are not only super comfy but also visually appealing.   

5. Make It Comfortable

After choosing your bar, chairs, and drink choices, you’ll need to think about how to make the experience more enjoyable for your visitors. Consider setting up a wall television, gaming system, dart game, and other items to keep your guests occupied. You might also want to gather some snack bowls and provide treats whenever you have gatherings. 

You can create an amazing bar using a vast assortment of resources. Use some of the above-mentioned ideas to create an awesome bar in your home. You’ll be the talk of the town because of your unique setup and your generosity when sharing your spirits.  

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